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Third Sunday of Easter

by Jo Witt

Theme of the Day: Sight Marches Victorious Over Blindness The Third Sunday of Easter gives the church one more opportunity to focus on the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. It is good for us to direct our attention to these appearances since they have the power to replace spiritual blindness with sight. No matter the specific […]

Second Sunday of Easter

by Jo Witt

Theme of the Day: Witness Marches Victorious Over Restraint On the Sunday after Easter, it’s almost inevitable to experience a bit of a letdown. But perhaps it isn’t entirely a bad thing. It is good if it causes us to remember that the3re will always be forces that try to slow Christ’s victorious march. Those […]

Resurrection of Our Lord – Easter Day

by Jo Witt

Theme of the Day: Life Marches Victorious Over Death The moment Adam and Eve sinned, nothing would ever be the same. Death was unleashed on humanity and it reigned without mercy and without challenge. It hung like a suffocating shroud over us all. It was a constant source of sorrow and shame. Death doesn’t just […]

Palm Sunday

by Jo Witt

Theme of the Day: His Humility, Our Hope During Holy Week, the church gathers to praise God “for the great acts of love by which you have redeemed bus through your Son, Jesus Christ.” The events we remember this week are the culmination of Christ’s saving work for the world. The events of Palm Sunday, […]