Theme: The Christian Finds Rest in Jesus

Matthew 11:25-30
Exodus 33:12-23
Romans 7:15-25a
Psalm 145

338 – I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
419 – If God Himself Be for Me
313 – Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior
336 – Come unto Me, Ye Weary

Prayer of the Day: God of all power and might, you are the giver of all that is good. Help us love you with all our heart, strengthen us in true faith, provide us with all we need, and keep us safe in your care; through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Verse of the Day: Alleluia. Happy are they who hear the Word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bring forth fruit with patience. Alleluia. (Luke 8:15 cf. RSV)